There are multiple ways of seeing architecture, we can do it by flipping through magazines, by reading books, by browsing through websites with architectural content, finally, we have at our disposal numerous tools.
However, there is one that presents itself as more efficient, more enriching and that provides more interesting results: visiting architectural works.

For the formation of an architectural the advantages that may result from the investment in seeing works of architecture are immense.

This is because only going through a work our sense of proportion and of its justness refines; the materiality and the result of choices that it is based; the immateriality or on the capacity of the light to inhabit each space.
The objective is always the same: learning enhancing intuition, for us to approach the act of projecting with more confidence and greater accuracy.

To visit a work of architecture turns out to call the attention of our senses, which may lead to, if the work can stir up our emotions, to an act of extreme pleasure.
It is possible to experience a sense of alienation only comparable to reading a good book or watching a good movie.

It is possible to state that to create means to evoke what the memory wrote inside us, and that talent is something that can be worked on - boosting our intuition.
The statement of Ludwig van Beethoven that "our work is the result of 2% genius and 98% perspiration" has implied this idea.

If the architect seeks, through the line, design the projects, the trips present themselves essential, by the incorporation of multiple impressions and experiences, for the definition of the trace.

(Architectural Guides Portugal)