"In the Le Corbusier trips, the juvenile need to embrace all and not forget any detail, over time gives way to a looser, freer, with more economy of means vision, just a few notes and phrases, more to grab sensations than exactly descriptions. "

"Le Corbusier, in his travels usually carried a pair of binoculars to observe remote details and a camera. Gathering the various instruments at his disposal to try to understand what he observed ... His way of travelling had a precise method."

"In his three-week stay in Athens, Le Corbusier made incursions to the Acropolis every day, where he made ​​records of the Parthenon and other temples from various observation points and different hours and consequently daylight. He had particular attention to motion as if was walking down one particular path, which translated with a sequence of multiple images. His approach method allowed him to have different points of view or looking the things from above or also watch them from outside. "