The Architectural Guides online platform project (targeted to architects, architecture students and architectural tourists) has been fully redesigned.

Its valences have been revised, potentiated and increased.

If you want to make architecture tourism in Portugal, be informed and know the latest works of architecture built in our country, then sign up for free and create your account.

Only in that way you can access the PREMIUM features:

The platform main valence is to enable the viewing of architectural works built in Portugal after 1974.

About 600 works are inserted, with different programs (only works able to be visited were inserted), of diversified authorship (over one hundred architects) and geographically comprehensive.

Each work has photos, text, the main data (authorship, address, gps coordinates etc), and links for further information.

The advanced search (PREMIUM feature) allows you to research the works by author, city, district and function.


It is now possible to draw up a personal list of favourites (PREMIUM feature) , which is saved in your account and which you can later access and can thus be constantly changed.


The Architectural Guides project online platform allows to plan your travel itineraries.

We have integrated the Google Maps system.

Now you can plan your travel itinerary on the map that we provide on the front page of the platform.

You can download eBooks and architecture itineraries of some Portuguese cities and regions.

These itineraries are formatted for two-day visits, ideal to be used on weekends.

Your downloads are made available in your account history  (PREMIUM feature) in order to access later and re-download them if you need.

A shop was incorporated on the online platform.

It offers eBooks, architecture itineraries and hotel vouchers at unbeatable values ​​and other products related to the project.

Vouchers that have values ​​20% / 30% lower than the best rate on the market  (including the internet).


Sign up for free and create your account.

Only in that way you can access the PREMIUM features.